SportsEngine Registration: Tanque Verde Fast Pitch

2019 Fall Ball Coach/Asst Coach/Manager Registration


Coach/Asst Coach/ManagerApplication

Welcome and thank you for applying to become part of TVFP's coaching staff. 

Each team will be staffed with not less than one female Manager, not less than one Coach, a substitute registered coach and a female Assistant Manager. Every staff must consist of at least 2 females. Each adult league member or volunteer age 18 or over that is interested in being a Manager or a Coach must contact the Board at the earliest opportunity. The Assistant Manager position will be filled by a female adult league member whose child or relation is a member of a particular team. Every opportunity to fulfill requests will be made but are dependent upon the number of players registered in each division. If a situation exists wherein there are more volunteers than teams, assignment of staff will be made on a performance or experience decision by the Board. Prior year manager/coach evaluations will be used to determine eligibility. Each team will be under the authority of an adult staff member during all team functions. A female adult staff member must be present at all team activities. NOTE: A background check will be completed for each adult staff member prior to the commencement of pre-season practice. Should a staff member volunteer after the pre-season activities have commenced, he or she must have a completed background check prior to any involvement in team activities involving the players.

A. Manager/Coach Responsibilities

1. To oversee the team members to ensure their experience is optimized. The Manager is to utilize the Division Representative and Player Agent to enhance a player’s experience;

2. To teach basic softball fundamentals, while displaying patience and composure to the team;

3. To provide a positive experience for all Baja players and families;

4. To agree to adhere to the Baja division rules and regulations;

5. For the actions of the players and spectators during games and practices;

6 To attend any meetings, clinics and training programs conducted by the league;

7. Be familiar with and enforce all safety rules;

8. To provide a flow of league information to the parents/guardians of players through parent meetings, the first is to be prior to or in conjunction with the first preseason practice;

9. For all uniforms; equipment; and keys. Equipment and keys are to be turned into the league no later than one week following the official closing of the season;

10. For signing the official scorebook at the end of the game and returning it to the designated location;

11. Field and equipment preparation and cleanliness;

12. Snack bar staffing (if league requires).

B. Assistant Manager Responsibilities

1. Assist the Manager/Coaches when asked;

2. Ensure safety of the players while in the dugout and monitor the comings and goings of the players during the game, e.g.: restroom breaks by the players must be monitored for player safety;

3. Act in the capacity of the parent/guardian’s representative.

C. Scorekeeper Responsibilities Scorekeepers are required to obtain their team’s scorebook and when “home team”, obtain the official line-ups of both teams and maintain the game activities in the “official scorebook.” This will also include the recorded number of innings pitched by each player. At the end of the game, signatures are to be obtained from staff members from both teams. Following the game, the “official scorekeeper” is to return the “official scorebook” to a home team staff member.